Friday, May 22, 2009

Doin' It

So, a few weeks ago I said I had announcement coming.  
I have five, some less important, but still noteworthy.

5. I have developed an addiction to red cream soda

4. I like everything Jeremy Riddle sings,  
he's such a good guy too.

3. I'm totally doing Fires Creek Rim Trail at the end 
of the summer. This has been a thorn in my side for 
about 3 years, ever since we tried to do the 5-day 
hike in one weekend and (FAILED).

2. My family is moving this week to the new house. 
After 4 months of renovating, we're moving, but we
are not done, sigh.

1. I'm taking the job as the BCM intern at Mercer 
Univ. in Macon. This was not exactly planned, 
but God has His ways and His plan. I'll be there 
for the next school year. It's what you call ironic, 
because I have been known to give less than 
glowing reviews of Macon in the past and I'll 
leave it at that. I am excited, its a great 

Forget the caption, t
his baby is hilarious