Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad Day

Today was Father's day, no matter who or what started it, it's a day for dads.  As far as I'm concerned, I have blessed with a great one.  I have been halfway around the world and back and no one comes close. 
   I find myself being really thankful for the past year and the chance to hang out with my family and my dad.  We went from nightly mountain bike rides to working nightly at the new house.  Which reminds me of something my dad said to me when I was 14.  I was helping him install a dishwasher i.e. holding the light, passing wrenches and it probably took 2 hours longer than it was supposed to.  When were done, he said "One day you'll get a t-shirt that says "I survived installing a dishwasher with my dad."" Little did I know the foreshadowing in that line Every year I think this will be the year my dad and I get t-shirts that say what we survived installing/building, but the list gets bigger each year.  Never did I think we would go from dishwasher-to-kitchen addition-to-bathroom remodeling-to-basement finishing-to-whole house renovation and everything in between. 
    I don't know of many people who get the chance to spend so much time with their father and have a father that wants to spend so much time with them.   Whatever my brother were into, while were growing up, our dad was right there with us, doing it alongside.  I'm talking softball, baseball, flag football, volleyball, paintball, and mountain biking.  I could say so much more, but that wouldn't be our style.  So here's to my Dad, who decided to give us the best gift of all, his time. 

Monday, June 1, 2009


Let's see, last week we moved to our new house, after 5 months of nights and weekends worth of work.  It's not all the way done, but its mostly done.  Talk about a boatload of work, I'll have to post some pictures at some point.  Anyway my brother's and I new room is smaller than the old one, so I built a hanging bed this weekend to make more room.  It's pretty sweet.

I don't know why, but every time I get a haircut, it's interesting experience.  This last week I was getting a long overdue haircut.  I didn't think it was that bad, but I was informed by the "stylist" (I think), that I looked like a conehead and I had rat ears.  I'm not the best with compliments, but I pretty neither of those work.  I also wonder how old I'll be before they quit asking me what grade I'm in and where I am going to go to college.