Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friend Request pt. Deux

Ok, I still don't know what the deal with is Aloha Jeff or San Jose, but I got another weird friend request this week. I hope this is not becoming a pattern. This week I got a 3 paragraph long friend request from a guy in Minnesota, who I also do not know at all. Here's just an excerpt:
"Hi Mark,

We're both members of the Facebook REI Group which makes us nature lovers. I live in Elk River, Minnesota and spend alot of time on Minnesota's North Shore. Infact, I have a trailer in the Grand Marias campground, year round. It is my second home. I don't spend much time in the campground because I'm usually out photographing. I travel when possible and have been to Oregon, California, Arizona and a number of other states in the past year or so with the primary intention of photographing natures beauty."

A few observations, being a member of the REI group on facebook does not make me a nature lover (even If I do appreciate nature), maybe I'm just a fan hoping for some good deals (yes).
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, what's this business about the location of your trailer. Did I mention I don't know this guy, who starts a conversation by mentioning the location of their second home? (Creepers do)
Check out another excerpt:

"My work is dedicated to capturing the emotions I feel to my surroundings and reflect those in my art. I hope you find some enjoyment with what I create."


I think he's just drying to drum up business for his business, but seriously, there are better ways to do that.


mlaw said...

maybe he's gay...

Mark's Law said...

I think he wanted to sell his photos